My little prince was born 6 weeks ago, Alhamdulillah.

I haven’t been blogging for way longer than that .Unfortunately, I had to deal with a couple of upsetting events. I am now hoping to enter a new and positive era inshAllah.

My son is a gorgeous, happy and very hungry little boy MashAllah! So, although I am exhausted and a tiny tiny tiny bit overwhelmed, I am very very very happy too.

Being hyperactive and also being the mum of 3 kids and a husband, I am working towards settling a more productive routine .As right now, my days seem to be all the same. Rushing around, cooking, cleaning, breastfeeding and “sometimes” sleeping at night.

But how strange it is that after each pregnancy, birth and maternity time, you become amnesic. Days after days, you forget how hard jobs these all are. It’s probably because there are blessings too!

Feeling bonkers

Winter is definitely here with its cold temperatures, foggy and short days. For the last 2 weeks, I have been a little bit all over the place, struggling to cope with my routine without bursting into tears. But Winter is not the only one to blame.
The hormones are giving me a rough time with its share of mood swings and extreme fatigue. I have just entered the final trimester of my pregnancy and for the third time in my lifetime, I have to put on with that “Dinosaur-like shape” again… (lol )
But Alhamdulillah, behind any hardship, there is always a Khayr (relief).
That is why I am pleased to inform you that after several months, I have finally passed my driving test and I received the lovely card below from my very kind driving instructor.
I have also been handed a pretty bouquet from my line manager on his retirement day in recognition of my hard work.
Verily, behind any hardship, there is a Khayr (relief)! Verily, behind any hardship, there is a Khayr (relief)! Verily, behind any hardship, there is a Khayr (relief)!

Baby boy


I am expecting baby nr 3. My daughter “T” is super excited about it. Her teacher and her teaching assistants were informed of my pregnancy well before some members of my own family,in-laws or friends. From the very start, she’s been telling them that “mummy’s got a baby boy inside her belly”. So I haven’t been given a choice on whether I wanted to keep my pregnancy a secret or not.

“A- -b-a-b-y– boy”. Yes, she made her decision on the gender too. It has to be a boy!Although I tried to explain to her that the baby could be a girl too, it just seemed that she refused to take that idea on board. As if she already knew…

When I was pregnant with her, I would never have expected “T” to be autistic or to have any specific condition. I guess like every mum, you innocently believe that everything will be perfect.
That ‘s what makes pregnancy nr 2 and 3 so different from pregnancy nr 1.I don’t take anything for granted anymore. At the back of my head: questions, concerns and worries…
* Is this new child going to be healthy?
* Is he going to have any learning disabilities?
* Is he going to have any physical handicap?
* Is he going to be ill?

Allahu Alaam (Allah knows best), whatever happens should happen and InshAllah, we will all be alright.