My little prince was born 6 weeks ago, Alhamdulillah.

I haven’t been blogging for way longer than that .Unfortunately, I had to deal with a couple of upsetting events. I am now hoping to enter a new and positive era inshAllah.

My son is a gorgeous, happy and very hungry little boy MashAllah! So, although I am exhausted and a tiny tiny tiny bit overwhelmed, I am very very very happy too.

Being hyperactive and also being the mum of 3 kids and a husband, I am working towards settling a more productive routine .As right now, my days seem to be all the same. Rushing around, cooking, cleaning, breastfeeding and “sometimes” sleeping at night.

But how strange it is that after each pregnancy, birth and maternity time, you become amnesic. Days after days, you forget how hard jobs these all are. It’s probably because there are blessings too!