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Autism awareness within the British Muslim press

I have been surfing on internet for a while looking for sections featuring Autism. MashAllah I came across a lot of blogs but unfortunately, I only found one single  article on that subject.  If you do know more, please do share it with me!

In April 2011, Emel magazine* dedicated one article to Autism entitled “Behind the Silence – A health feature on Autism”. As a parent of an autistic child, the title’s choice seems ok.It sounds like a ‘don’t be lured by appearances,’ kind of thing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Then, we, readers are rapidly introduced to Dr Noreen Kasseem who assisted in the writing. However, we are not provided with any hint on her area of expertise? Is she a GP, a paeditrician, a psychiatrist?  If Dr kasseem is a GP and if she is as bad as my GP when it comes to Autism, it is a disaster! Consequently,  I am sorry Emel magazine but  I am going to give you my first thumb down.
I carry on reading and find myself completely disagreeing with below statement :”Autism is a complex developmental disability, and is growing among children. It is more common in western, developed nations with one out of 110 children diagnosed.” It is certainly more common in the West because there are more effective means to diagnose it. Autism might be less diagnosed in the Third World because of a lack of finances and ressources.Thus, one should not jump on the conclusion that it is not as widespread as in the West.Anyway, just browsing on Facebook, one could note that there is a growing awareness going on in these countries with loads of support groups based in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Saudi, Dubai, Tunisia, etc . So guys, Thumb down again!

Furthermore, at the very beginning, we are advised that Dr Noreen Kasseem will ” investigate this debilitating condition and identifies possible strategies to help.” MashAllah, we are being given a very detailed presentation but there are no strategies at all. For not keeping your word, another thumb down

The very last negative bit is that on its whole, this article is quite boring. It is not catchy at all except its title. It is just a simple succession of facts.  If Autism would not have been part of my everyday life, would I have been willing to read it til  its end?

Dear Emel Magazine, I would like to end my review on a positive note thanking you to address Autism. Indeed, as far as I know, you guys seem to be the only one who have done so in the UK. So JazakhAllah Khairan.

P.S: Emel Magazine, I have sent you a feedback email  recently where I  approximatively submitted the same comments. InshAllah, I would appreciate if you could at least acknowledge receipt of it.

* Emel Magazine: