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I am so happy that you have  found my blog and I hope that you will now enjoy having a read regurlaly so feel free to click “Follow”. Please do allow yourself  questions and comments whether you agree or disagree with me. They will all be welcome.

About me, myself and I: I am a muslim woman based in Britain, married, mother of 2 children. Yes I know, boring!!!
But what makes a huge difference in my everyday life is my 6 years old daughter.Her condition is the biggest challenge I have ever encountered so far.

What’s my mission? To fight stigma and stereotypes around Autism InshAllah.    

 Why? Because unfortunately there is a lack of awareness and support within our Ummah

And to be honest , it is also a form of self therapy !

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  1. Wow!!!! well done!
    You’ve done soo much, accepting your child for who she is and doing everything possible to improve her quality of life.

  2. Alhamdulillah, I have found your blog. I am a muslim mother of 2 kids from South Africa. I have 2 boys. My 5year old son, Shaafi has been diagnosed with ASD and Sensory Processing Disorder 2 years ago. Abdul Maalik is 2years old.
    I live in the Eastern cape and my whole family, including my husband’s family, live in the western cape. So i have been dealing with the emotional part of Shaafi’s diagnoses all alone.
    Its been a challenge explaining to my own family Shaafi’s difficulties whithout seeing him for themselves. Then when we do come visit. I have to explain to all of them all over again.

    Shaafi is my first son and i want to lay a good foundation Islamically for him. But how do i do that when he is still struggling with his ABC’s. How do i teach him his arabic alphabet. The Muslim community is very small where i live. so i have to / want to teach him madressa myself. Do you have suggestions for me on where to start?

    I hope you dont mind me opening up to you. I need advice from a muslim mother who understands.


    • Assalam Aleikoum Sister,

      Thank you for your message
      My daughter, as a lot of children with ASD, needs a lot of visual stimuli to learn. The difference between our religion and Christianism for instance is that they do have a lot of material support like pictures, crosses , sculptures. Unlike our Christian brothers,we don’t represent Allah Wa Ta Ala so it is not an “entity” that my daughter does understand at the moment. There is also no point of introducing Islam to her, the way they do with other kids.She won’t get it and she might get frustrated. My daughter doesn’t go to the Madrassa yet. In the meantime, Sis, I should be the best example for her. My daughter sees me pray, she does copy me at times, making her mat ready and putting an hijab on. I teach her to say Salaam and Bismillah. she is watching DVD’s of Zaki of 1islam production and Adam’s world on Youtube. Islamic books for children are too complicated for her, not enough pictures, too many difficult words. So you could make short stories yourself. You could use Word documents on your computer and copying and pasting pictures from Internet. You could make one story about each of the 5 pillars. Right now Sis, I am not expecting my daughter to memorize Surahs and be able to read Arabic. But InshAllah, maybe one day…Instill Islam in accordance with your child abilities and Allah will help you. InshAllah I will try to write a post soon about that subject.

      If you like to chat with Muslims mothers, I am part of a group on Facebook called Muslim Autistic Society. It is like a support group and we do share a lot of tips. There are Sisters from the UK, the USA, etc. You should join inshAllah.

      Take care Sis

  3. Assalaam Aleikum sister, I enjoyed reading your blog, it was refreshing and inspiring MashaAllah. I can also say that whenever I have looked after your beautiful daughter (it’s me) it was always a pleasure, she is so full of life and affection…she is a great girl and will go far InshaAllah.

  4. Salaam,

    Inspiring blog! My name is Mashaal Mir and I am writing a feature article on Muslim parents with autistic children. The article aims to help raise awareness in the community regarding autism.

    I’m looking to speak to Muslim parents, and I was wondering whether I can interview you about your experiences, and what challenges you and your daughter face. The interview can be conducted via email/online if you wish.

    I write extensively on issues concerning the Muslim community and you can look at my previous work on wwww.mashaalmir.com

    Thank you and I look forward to be hearing from you.

    Also, if there are any Muslim parents with autistic children reading this, please let me know if you would like to be involved with the feature as well. The more people willing to speak up, the better!

    Best Regards,

    • Salaam,
      inshAllah you can post your questions here as it might benefit others too. As I previously said, I am not an autism expert and every child is different. But I’ll help if I can inshAllah

  5. Hi just wondered if you tried any different diets. If so any tips as. Muslim curry eating household how it worked out. I have a two year old son that doctors say likely to be autistic. I am finding it hard to cope. I had planned his life and now I don’t understand what’s going to happen. I am trying to do sabr but its hard. When I reach acceptance husband tells me there’s nothing wrong!! You don’t say how other members of the family coped. Mine just tell me i am vemee in other words in my head only.

    • Assalam aleikoum sis,
      Sorry for taking so long to answer to your email but I have been really busy and exhausted these last days.
      By the way, Eid Mubarak Mubarak to you and your family!
      There are lots of different diets available for Autistic children, gluten free etc.
      I tried the gluten free one and I tried to reduce dairy food in my daughter’s diet and it kind of had a positive impact on her. But really it depends from a child to another. It might work or not work for your child.
      But mainly for me, the most important stuff is not to give her junk food or ready made meals because there are so many things in it that are harmful. I am a full time working mum so it’s not always easy but for instance, I always cook my own Mash patato, I bake my own biscuits and cakes etc…. There are no juices in my house. I tried my best to do my own lemonade or ginger juice.( But to be honest, since I went full time in April this year, there are less and less cakes and juices available). We eat wholewheat bread, pasta, rice, flour. I like organic veggies and fruits and I am getting them from a local stall where people are selling stuffs they have grown in their garden. So if you have a garden , do the same or look out for these stalls. Their fruits and veg have nothing to do with the so-called organic veg and fruits from the Supermarket.
      Hope it will help inshAllah

  6. Autism is curable, we Muslims are always there for any kind of support and will try our best إنْشـّاءَللّہ :)..my nephew is autistic and he is 10 years old now. Hes going to regular school, enjoys tv, plays and loves sports. Browses the internet and AlhumdulilAh improving day by day. My brother and my sister in law never gave up and trying hard and the results are positive. If you need any sort of assistance kindly email fhdahmed90@gmail.com and my sister in law and brother can advice you and assist in any queries.


  7. Salaam
    I pray you are well

    I was reading your blog and wanted to let you know that I have started Islamic classes for ASD child

    Islamic Institute for the Autistic’ are pleased to announce it’s Saturday Islamic classes for children with autism aged 5 and above (girls upto the age of 12).

    Burdett Estate Masjid
    Masjid Lane (off Wallwood Street)
    London E14 7BW

    Classes are held every Saturday from 1:30pm – 3:30pm

    Lessons will include Quranic and Islamic Studies through interactive PEC systems and taught by EXPERIENCED and QUALIFIED teachers.

    For admissions please contact:

    Hafiz Abdul Ahad
    07960 750595

    Email: londonschoolforautism

    (Tuition fees applicable)

    Please forward and share with others.

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