Should I stay or Should I go?


Should I stay or should I go? This is the question.
I used to be much more consistent on my blogging a couple of months ago. Unfortunately, this is not the case anymore and I am feeling a bit ashamed about it. I shared a lot of my thoughts and I have been in touch with some lovely people. It made me feel so good, feeling that I was not on my own on that Autistic boat. Right now, I feel like I kind of let some people down. That’s why I am pondering. Should I shut down my blog in the next coming weeks?
I know I have been blogging less and less because I was engaged in way too many activities too and as I have decided after Ramadan, I wish to spend more time with my little family, spend more time in my ibadat and also sew.
So how am I doing?
>Well, you should never be satisfied with the time you’re spending on your worship or doing things for the sake of Allah because you might end up being lazy again. But I am happy because I am feeling closer to my Creator right now but this is still a work in progress and this for the rest of my life inshAllah.

> I am not spending enough time with my children and hubby but by working full time, this is what you should expect. Alhamdulillah this should change in a couple of months inshAllah.

> Sewing, we’re getting there inshAllah…2h30 per week Mashallah!

I am at a crossroad…

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