Woolwich Attack


I am deeply shocked by what happened yesterday in Woolwich. I am from East London and my husband used to work in North Woolwich.
I love East London and its diverse community.
My neighbours are Polish,
my GP is Indian,
my chemist is Pakistani,
my Butcher is Algerian,
my children’s childminder is Indian
my daughter’s teacher and Teaching assistant are English,
My daughter’s Minibus driver is Carribean
The Minibus’ hostess is English
Etc, etc,etc…
East London is far from being a well –off area but Alhamdulillah in tough Economic times like today, we are still a strong and bounded community.

To these nutters , I ‘d like to say, you don’t represent me or Islam. What you did yesterday was just an expression of your own Madness. Shame on you for disgracing our Religion! Please don’t tell us that you did it for Afghanistan or Irak! You did it only for yourselves because you’re just a bunch of crazy attention seekers! Ask the people of Iraq or Afghanistan if what you did is improving the state they are in. Far from it, you may just have set them up to even more reprisals!

What also shocked me is the fact that so many people gathered around the crime scene, filming these idiots , as per their requests.
A man was just stabbed and the only thing people could do instead of running away was to stand there and film. I think we should blame Reality TV for this type of attitude. A man had just been brutally killed and people didn’t even respect the dignity of his corpse. They filmed it! You guys kind of cooperate with these idiots because that is what they wanted: PUBLICITY. Imagine if this guy had been one your family members, you would not have appreciated people to violate his sanctity as a Human being! What’s wrong with you people???

Ultimately, I ‘d like to salute the bravery of the lady who tried to rescue the victim without fearing for her own life and the other lady who tried to get the weapons from one the killers. MashAllah, these women are heroes!