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I write on this blog from a parent perspective. I don’t see myself as an Autism Master, Guru whatsoever. I am just here to share my experience on how Autism is affecting me and my family in our everyday life.  I would love stigmas and stereotypes on this condition to be eradicated and these from the Muslim community in particular. This blog is the way I chose to fight it.

There are thousands of Facebook pages and blogs run by Non-Muslims parents.  MashAllah, it is amazing to witness how complete strangers living miles away from each other bond so easily “thanks to “Autism. Although at times, I do find myself overwhelmed by my daughter’s condition, little things such as these pages fill me with a lot of joy and strength. InshAllah, I would like to share similar feelings with my fellow Muslim brothers and Sisters. Indeed, is it not what our Deen is all about? Brotherhood. So basically, this blog is to say a big “You are not alone!”  

Alhamdulillah, there are other interesting English -speaking blogs and Facebook pages run by Muslim parents. These are the ones I know about:                                                

 > Muslim Autism Society Facebook group page

> Stranded Mom, Autism, Parenting, Islam Facebook page

> My autistic Muslim Child (

> Through the Puzzle (

> Abez Sez  (

> Muslimah next door (

InshAllah, I hope we will see more  emerging but more importantly, I would like to invite  Autistic  Adults, teenagers and children to write and talk because you, guys, are the best advocates. I did benefit so much from reading and listening to Carly Fleishmann and Temple Grandin (Both of them are mentioned on my post Resources, services and therapies, Part 1)  InshAllah I pray that my daughter will one day be an advocate too as well as Doctor and Hafitha. O you who are reading this sentence, please say “Ameen” and make a Duaa for my daughter please.  JazakAllah Khairan for that, you are awesome!

My dear Brothers and Sisters, I share tips, advices, strategies and ideas with you that are working for my daughter but I can’t guarantee that they will all be 100% effective with your child. Is every Human being not beautifully unique?  About my opinions and point of views: I am not a dictator so I do allow anyone to voice constructive critics with all due respect.

Ultimately, a huge JazakAllah Khairan to all the Muslim FB pages that shared or liked my blog such as:

Cornwall Muslim Sisters

Muslim Parenting: It Takes a Village To Raise A Child

Resources For Muslim Sisters with Special Needs Children

The South Asian Autism Group-UK,Ireland

Stranded Mom – Autism, Parenting, Islam.

Ihsan(Islamic Holistic School For Alternative Needs)- Beyond Barriers

Disabled Muslims Network

Blue Hijab Day

Ingredients of a happy Muslim marriage

Exceptional Child Educational Services (ECES) Dr.Amani Mahmoud Doughlas

A big JazakAllah Khairan to  for featuring some of my posts 

A big Thank you to my non-Muslims friends on FB for their support and to all those I forgot to name…




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