Stop the abuse! Part 1

This is a very delicate topic to write about. I will be mentioning the most extreme cases so it might be distressful for some of you.

Abuse in Care homes

Many of us watched the BBC Panorama programm* where a reporter posed as a carer and filmed with an hidden camera the abuse that disabled patients were  subjected to at winterbourne Care home  near  Bristol.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        SubhanAllah since I have seen that programm, the same image keeps coming back and forth in my head. I will never forget how this male member of staff positioned a chair on top of a young woman who was laying on the floor in  order to restrain her movements. I will never forget how she was telling him that she will call the Police on  him.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I watched this programm entirely. I was sitting on my sofa, paralyzed  from shock.My eyes were  scanning frenetically the screen, up down, right and left. Worst nigthmare for a parent.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           La Ilaha Illallah! How can someone be so cruel? I mean if you dislike so much disabled people, if you dislike working with them. Do yourself a favour, quit and look for another job before you end up like those loosers with a Criminal record. Generally speaking, if you don’t feel comfortable with working with children or elderly people, don’t make it your occupation too! At the end of the day, you are dealing wih Human beings. They are sensitive to your frustrations, anger and heavy-handed care. And by the way, how can somebody dare slapping an elderly?   Astaghfirullah!

What this programm demonstrates is that there has been so far an appealing lack of regulations on Care homes in this country.It feels like for too long anybody would have had the opportunity to open a Care home without worrying about ethics, procedures, qualifications, experience, rules of conduct etc…

   Is it about to change? Yes, apparently! On an article published today by The telegraph**,it is reported that  the Government warned that ” tougher regulation, including possible new criminal laws to strengthen corporate accountability, could also be introduced”.”Other measures announced yesterday include a care plan must be in place for all children, young people and adults with learning disabilities by April 2014. “The Care Quality Commission, the watchdog, will also carry out unannounced inspections of all hospitals and care homes, while new guidance on the use of restraint to control the behaviour of people with learning disabilities will be introduced.” At the moment, these are proposals. We need to make sure that these measures will be agreed, voted and legislated. We need to monitor all these decisions makers closely until what they have announced yesterday becomes a reality.

As a parent, I pray that my daughter would never have to live in a care home. Although I am sure that there is also  fantastic staff amoung care workers, I pray that Allah will always keep her among her relatives. Loved and safe. Aameen!

*BBC panorama programm :

* The Telegrap:


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