Outings and activities for children on the Spectrum Part 3

Number three:Yoga

Some of the Benefits of Yoga:

>Improve concentration

>Maintain flexibility

>Help to Relax

>Work on postural misalignment

>Practise balance

The good thing about Yoga is that there are plenty of DVDs of all levels available for you to practise it at home if there are no classes for SEN running within your borough. I started practising Yoga shortly after I gave birth to my daughter. I did it for a couple of months and MashAllah it helped me dealing with my anxiety. Unfortunately, after a while, I stopped. The reason: I am too busy. Believe me having a bubble bath, a hair treatment is a luxury so  no space on my timetable for Yoga.

But Alhamdulillah, Allah scheduled Yoga sessions every three weeks for me and my daughter. The group of parents  with SEN to which I belong organizes classes with an experienced and qualified Yoga Teacher Sarah Rush*. I am going to repeat myself (again!) but MashAllah, few years ago, I’d never imagine my daughter could sit quietly on a mat and follow instructions for about an hour! I really enjoy these classes and so do my daughter and this definetly strengthens our relationship. This is our special time together as my husband stays home with my youngest daughter. Furthermore, Sarah is  fantastic Mashallah. Her sessions are fun and relaxing and she is full of positive energy especially when she smiles. It is a truly sincere and generous one.She doesn’t display one of them fake smiles to attract customers and that is so rare nowadays as Well-being has become such a big industry.. To end with, as a parent, for once, you don’t have to run after your child if he feels like walking around. You don’t have to pressurize him if he is more staring at others than actually executing movements. Sarah truly understood that more than other children, our children need to settle in first in order to get successfully involved  in her class. So for you as a parent, it simply means:  let your child be himself and be yourself too!


Sarah Rush holds a MA PGCE BA (Hons)
She is Yoga Alliance Registered /Yoga Teacher /Yoga for the Special Child Trained / Member of the British Wheel of Yoga / First Aided / Fully insured/ based in London

For more information about classes,one to one individual or therapeutic work available you can contact Sarah by telephone on 07815120792 or by email at sarahrush2@gmail.com


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