Resources, services and therapies, Part 3

Once your child has been assessed, you need to make sure that he/she will get a proper statement. Believe me, no statement means no support.No support means no services and no therapies. However, your child’s needs have to be addressed  as soon as possible. Early intervention does a huge difference when dealing with  learning disabilities. So as they said: “don’t delay, claim today!” You already know  that in this country, if you don’t bark, they won’t listen to you but please with DSCF0566adab.                                                                                                                                                     My daughter has a teaching assistant working with her since she’s been diagnosed. Every year, it is a new one. Last year, my daughter had a Polish young lady, MashAllah she was really nice and I really respected her. I felt like crying when we had to say goodbye  before summer term. She understood our belief, my daughter and my expectations as a parent. We were working as a real team, not like the one we are having this year who wants to be the Captain in my ship!!! But let’s get back to business now… My daughter also benefits from one to one session and mixes at times with her mainstream class. Her speech and language therapist visits her weekly at school . I hope that Inshallah an occupational therapist will be involved shortly as I referred my daughter myself. Yes, it is true, I had to do it myseIf !  One day, I discovered that the SENCO worker who stated that  he had sent a  referral to the Occupational therapy team didn’t do anything.  You can  put your trust at 100% only in Allah because unfortunately, you might meet that “kind of individuals” whose work needs to be checked out regurlaly. Don’t be shy to show you Cop side! But Alhamdulillah you will come accross extraordinary people  too. That’s just how life is.

To end with, I would like to say thank you to my best friend, my everything, my Allah who is giving me the strength to stand when I am down. I would like to ask for his forgiveness  and mercy for being sometimes a neglectful and ungrateful servant. I would like to thank him for guiding me to Islam, the best thing that happened to me.


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