Resources, services and therapies, Part 1

Once the paeditrician had diagnosed my daughter, I didn’t know where to start really…I had been given some documents  that introduce Autism. I had been told she will get a statement issued by the Local authority. I had been advised that she will be referred so that she could benefit from Short breaks. All of that sounded like a foreign language to me.

The very first thing to do before setting a survival plan

In order to win a War, you need to know your enemy!Therefore, the first advice I will give is to  research about Autism.

The National Autistic Society* website is quite useful.  I could also not insist more on the fact that meeting parents and hear about their experience will be very beneficial because you have people that experience concretly the same  challenges and not somebody who think he/she is an Autism expert because she/he holds a PHD in Autism. That seems a bit harsh me saying that but I believe  that some specialists or teachers are not listening enough to parents and rather stick to their academics points of view.These individuals will tend to patronize you but don’t be scared to impose your ideas. After all, this is your child and for them, it is just another laboratory mouse.

Finally, I will higly recommend to read  the brilliant book written by an autistic young woman and her dad, Carly and Arthur Fleishmann**. You will laugh and cry so much but more than that, you will start to understand your child especially if he/she is not verbal but not only. I am also persuaded that you will benefit from Temple Grandin*** conferences. Temple Grandin is a Super woman. She is autistic but she is also a Doctor of Animal science, a Profesor at Colarado University and an Autism advocate. Please do watch her videos on Youtube. She is a really inspirational MashAllah!


*The National Autistic Society:

**Carly’s Voice: Breaking Through Autism by Arthur Fleischmann and Carly Fleischmann

*** Temple Grandin:


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