Autism ABC

One thing you need to know about Autism is that it doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t choose a race, a religion or a social class.
It is believed that people were born with Autism. No cure has been found yet but as Muslims we believe that for every disease, there is a cure. There is a cure somewhere out there that is waiting to be discovered. In the meantime, early intervention is the key to help Autistic folk to manage the challenges that they have to face.

How do you recognise an Autistic individual?
Unlike a disability such as Down syndrome, somebody with Autism doesn’t have specific traits or a specific physical appearance. Thus, often, when an Autistic child will go through a tantrum in public, you will find people quick at labelling this child as “naughty”. If it is not the child, it is their parents who will face disapproving looks. These looks express harsh thoughts like “Oh my god, people don’t educate their children anymore!”.
But listen, instead of nurturing anger at these people, we should, as we have been taught, find excuses for our brothers and sisters. They don’t know about Autism, they need to be educated and you can do something about it!

What is autism?
Autism is a lifelong neurobiological condition. In simple words, some parts of the brain did not develop fully.However, every autistic subject is unique.Some of them would be able to live relatively independently and other would need extra support 24/7.
There are three domains that Autistic individuals are struggling with:
> Social communication (like Speech and language delay)
> Social interaction. Autistic children tend to show a lack of eye contact and seem to be unwilling to play in a group. They rather seem to like playing on their own.
> Social imagination. they like routine because they can’t predict or make themselves a rough idea of what could happen next. Imagine if every day, every hour, every minute, you had no idea of what will happen to you. You will turn crazy right? This is what they are going through so don’t be judgemental when they are tearful, hitting themselves or throwing themselves on the floor.


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